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To dress up or not to dress up?

I don't know about anyone else but since being in quarantine I have not changed from anything else other than workout clothes and pajamas.


People say to keep your routine while in quarantine and that if your routine includes putting up your makeup and looking nice than to do it. But honestly, who are we even getting ready for, our mirror and our couches?

For me I personally don't mind putting on a little bit of make up but its the clothes that you will not catch me dead doing. If I have to dress nice for a zoom meeting then you best believe I will be putting only the top half of my clothes and a comfy pair of sweatpants.

My friends and I often talk about doing our daily "routines" but there are only so many routines we can keep doing. There is no more usual coffee order or daily morning and evening traffic. No more seeing that annoying coworker or dragging yourself through the snow to go to a lecture you don't even care about at 7:45 in the morning.

There is no old routine at this time. We have to find our new routine and our new normal. With the possibility that this can go on for longer than we think or want. We need to define our new normal.

For me, its wake up, shower, attend zoom class all day, workout, read and write, make dinner, watch TV and talk to friends, go to bed.

My routine consist of PJs and workout clothes only. And the occasional mask and gloves when I leave the house.

Thats my new routine.

If dressing up everyday is something that helps you get in your routine than go for it. You need to do whatever you need to do to help you get through our new lifestyle.

I often find myself planning my weekly dinner menu on the weekends so that I keep myself in both a healthy diet and don't change my mind because I am being "too lazy."

With everything going on its important to get a productive routine in place, but also know that you need time to just chill out. Zoom call your friends or start a puzzle. Add something in your day to spice it up and help you separate your days in a never ending spiral of days flying by way faster than they should.

Stay safe and feel free to share your routine to help others!!!!

xoxo Tori

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