I need a quarantini....

As some states open up, and others get worse, one thing seems to be common all across America. Alcohol rates are at an all time high, and 1/2 of Americans are having at least one drink a day. I know I am one of those Americans.


Since this whole thing started my liver has taken a constant beating, from zoom happy hours, to white claws by the pool, pre and post dinner coctails, and wine with dinner. This is not an everyday thing but it is so easy to make it one. My family and I had to cut off drinking on the weekdays so that 1. we wouldn't have to order more alcohol 2 could save money 3 wouldn't be alcoholics.

totally worth it, it made those drinks a treat again.

But with this week I've been having I could use nothing more than a good quarantini right now. With exams, an internship, cooking, cleaning, and dealing with the same 4 people for two months. I'm ready for one.

After doing some research and trial and error I found my favorite quarantini recipe. It is a lemon honey cocktail and way different than anything ive had before, it also includes a vitamin c packet. All you need is

- Vodka (or gin)




-optional- vitamin c packet

optional: rim your class with the vitamin c packet


1. heat water and honey together. mix until you have a honey syrup.

2. shake: add lemon juice, vodka, and honey syrup to a martini shaker. whisk to combine. than add ie and shake shake shake!

3. strain- pour out your martini mix into your cup (that may or may not be rimmed with vitamin c) and ENJOY!

I enjoyed this concoction so much because it tasted yummy and has many natural immunity boosters through the honey, vitamin c, and fresh lemon juice.

That is my personal favorite quarantini recipe. Feel free to leave your favorite in the comments for me to try!!!

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