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Corona Workout Day #1

As we are all trapped in our homes unable to go to our local gyms, we can still stay in shape or get in shape. For those whose New Year's resolutions were to get in better shape, that dosent mean that we can't still fulfill that resolution. Also know that change comes with loving yourself and if we really want to change we must love ourself.


For this workout it is going to be all body weight, if you find it too easy go grab 2 bottles of wine, a water jug, or even fill a backpack with books.

Day 1 = Tabata Circut

For those who dont know what a tabata circuit is, it is a workout with a 2:1 ratio. So you workout for 20 seconds and than have 10 seconds rest before going in. I recommend downloading the tabata circuit app off the App Store or googling a tabata timer on google. I absolutely love tabatas because even when I feel lazy and dont want to really do anything, they provide a great workout. I leave the workout feeling accomplished having done some cardio and some type of strength training. I am lucky enough to have a treadmill in my house and pair a 30 minute run with a 30 minute tabata. I have no where else to go anyway! So here is the day 1 tabata throw on some big booty playlist or music that gets you going during a workout and lets get it!!


Day 1- 2:1 ratio with one minute between sets and 8 rounds per exercise.

1.) Burpees

2.)Sit ups

If you want more weight hug it to your chest or put your arms over your head with the weight if that is too easy.

3.) Squat jumps,

For these what you are going to do is squat and touch the ground with one hand and than immediately jump in the air with both hands in the air. No double bounces. Your legs should burn within the first round.

4.) pushups

Really try and keep a good solid form on this, if you need to go to your knees so that you can keep moving, than do it. I sometimes still even go to my knees.

5.) Mountain Climbers

6.) Plank

7.) Split lunge holds

here you are just going to get into a split lunge and hold it for one round. The next round you will switch legs. So each leg will be in front for 4 rounds

8.) glute bridges

really working on keeping the core tight and engaged on these. If you feel they are too easy do single leg glute bridges, switching every round.


The most important thing about a tabata circuit is to keep moving, no matter how much your lungs or body burns you gotta keep moving. When I say keep moving I dont mean you need to be a speed demon, but just keep moving in a way that you are staying consistent. From the first round to the last round you should strive to get more reps than the round before.

I hope you all enjoy the tabata as much as I did!!!!!

xoxo Tori

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